Careable will develop an individualized care plan based on the needs of each client and his or her family, including cost of care.  We will help navigate the healthcare system, keep the elderly in their home even if complex care is required, manage complex and challenging medical conditions and assist in healthcare crisis.

Our eldercare services include:

  1. Geriatric care planning, assessment and management
  2. Managing care in the home, including personalized staff selection
  3. Consultation and family support
  4. Support for out-of-town caregivers
  5. Alzheimer care in the home
  6. Palliative care in the home
  7. Discharge planning to ensure seamless return home, including attendance at hospital care conferences
  8. Home healthcare equipment selection and home safety assessments
  9. Physiotherapy and occupational therapy at home
  10. Geriatric referrals and appointments
  11. Physician home visits
  12. Advocacy
  13. Written progress reports
  14. Expertise to discuss health issues and outcomes with public healthcare team members
  15. Cost-of-care and life-care planning in concert with lawyers and Trust Officers
  16. Partnering with government healthcare services
  17. Choosing a retirement or long-term-care home
  18. Provision of private care at retirement home or long-term-care home
  19. Dietitian and speech language services
  20. Massage therapy
  21. Bereavement counselling and family support
  22. Records management for consistent care
  23. Property management
  24. Food and personal shopping, including kosher foods and special diets
  25. Travel arrangements for medical appointments, family visits or vacations (local or overseas)

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Client Testimonials

Dear Carol and Sheila,
Thanks so much for your donation to the Alzheimer Society of Toronto. Also, thanks for attending the cemetery on the 16th. It was comforting to see you there, Carol. Sheila and Carol, your efforts over the time at Doncliffe will never be forgotten. The Careable team was awesome!!