Nurses’ Notes – Practical, Helpful Tips for Caregivers

Category: Alzheimer Disease and Related Dementias

Part Two: Personal Grooming: Tips to help achieve successful outcomes

When persons’ with Dementia feel good about their appearance, they feel better about themselves, are more reassured and appear happier. Promote regular routines for grooming. However facial shaving, finger/toenail care and hair washing do not need to be done daily. Hairstyling and make-up Keep hairstyles short and simple for both women and men Arrange for […]

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Tips for Dressing (Part 1) and Grooming (Part 2) Persons with Dementia – Part One: Dressing: Tips to help achieve successful outcomes

Overview: As an individual’s dementia progresses, dressing and personal grooming tasks such as hairstyling and make-up, shaving for men, finger/ toenail care, and foot and eye care become much more challenging. Routines that have been established previously by the person with the least changes are the most successful. Familiarity with routines promotes retention of existing […]

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Important Tips for Travelling with Persons with Dementia (Part 2)

Part 2: Specific Arrangements for the Actual Trip Remember: Once advance planning is arranged for the trip, specific arrangements need to be organized for the actual mode of travel and the accommodations away from home. Specific Arrangements for Air Travel: Avoid layovers. Arrange direct flights. Check luggage through to final destination. Travel with minimal luggage […]

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Important Tips for Travelling with Persons with Dementia (Part 1)

Many persons in the early to middle stages of Dementia can travel under the right circumstances and careful planning. Remember: A person with Dementia who is relatively independent in a familiar environment may need extra support and supervision when coping with an unfamiliar environment and change in routines. The absence of essential familiar environmental cues […]

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Tips for a Successful Visit with a Loved One with Dementia

Always find out the best time to visit. Sharing time is what is important. Meal times can be very positive as you can assist your loved one with his/her meal. Avoid visiting at nap time, at bath times unless staff requests your gentle support and at times when other activities are scheduled such as music […]

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The Importance of Healthy Snacks

HEALTHY SNACKS FOR PERSONS WITH DEMENTIA ARE ESSENTIAL TO: 1. Provide extra nutrients when persons do not eat all their meals. 2. Calm anxious persons who are forgetful and do not remember their last meal. 3. Reward resistive persons for cooperating with their personal care. Healthy snacks are encouraged between meals. Healthy snacks such as […]

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Activities Of Daily Living (ADL)

Question: Of the 6 Activities of Daily Living – Eating, Bathing, Dressing, Grooming, Mouth Care and Toileting, which activity is the most complex task for persons suffering from Dementia to complete? Answer:  Mouth Care In most cases, persons with Dementia will: say “I already brushed my teeth” be unable to complete the task themselves refuse […]

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