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The Importance of Healthy Snacks


1. Provide extra nutrients when persons do not eat all their meals.

2. Calm anxious persons who are forgetful and do not remember their last meal.

3. Reward resistive persons for cooperating with their personal care.

Healthy snacks are encouraged between meals. Healthy snacks such as yogurt, crackers and cheese, oatmeal cookies, fruit (bananas, ripe pears, oranges, melon etc.) are nutritious and filling and add to personal contentment.

Avoiding foods that are high in sugar, salt and fats is recommended such as extra portions of desserts, salty chips, pop, french fries etc. These foods have minimal nutritional value.

Restricting foods that are high in caffeine is strongly recommended and very important in care of persons with dementia.

Foods such as: chocolate (chocolate bars, chocolate milk, chocolate cake etc.), caffeinated coffee and tea and cola drinks are very high in caffeine and cause overstimulation. Avoiding these foods can result in decreased stimulation, restlessness, agitation, pacing, wandering and aggression in persons with dementia.

Please contact Carol Edwards at or 416-362-9176 if you would like more information about healthy diets for persons with dementia.

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Rosalee Berlin

Rosalee is a Geriatric Nurse Consultant, who was a teacher since 1982, working at Baycrest for 13 years. See Rosalee’s full bio on our team page.