Careable in the Community

The diagnosis of Alzheimer strikes a chord with Carol because her father was diagnosed with Pick’s disease, a challenging and complex frontal lobe dementia. This robbed him of his memory, and his ability to make intelligent and informed decisions but most importantly his dignity. As a result, it made sense to team up with the Alzheimer Association. With the help of her family and friends we have supported this wonderful and progressive organization.

Annually we support and attend The Walk for Memories in January and the Unforgettable Gala in October.

Our former clients are also pleased that we gift during both Christmas and Hanukkah and send cards to all our former clients on these occasions.


Carol with Dr Varlese – Alzheimer Gala 2015

Careable at the 2017 Alzheimer Walk

Careable at the 2017 Alzheimer Walk

Carol and Carolyn – Alzheimer Gala Unforgettable Evening 2016

Carol and Mary Jane Dykeman (Alzheimer board) – Alzheimer Gala Unforgettable evening in 2017

Careable at the 2012 Alzheimer Walk

Client Testimonials

Thank you for your kind expression of sympathy.  Doug and I sincerely wish you personal success and business success in providing true and valuable help to those who can benefit from your service.