Nurses’ Notes – Practical, Helpful Tips for Caregivers

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Perceptual Problems That Can Complicate Mealtimes

Perceptual problems can complicate the person with dementia’s enjoyment and success at mealtimes especially if there is no contrast between table coverings (tablecloths and placemats) and dishes. Without contrast, the person will be unable to perceive what is on the table, will spill foods much more frequently and will have difficulty eating independently. For example […]

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The Importance of Healthy Snacks

HEALTHY SNACKS FOR PERSONS WITH DEMENTIA ARE ESSENTIAL TO: 1. Provide extra nutrients when persons do not eat all their meals. 2. Calm anxious persons who are forgetful and do not remember their last meal. 3. Reward resistive persons for cooperating with their personal care. Healthy snacks are encouraged between meals. Healthy snacks such as […]

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Activities Of Daily Living (ADL)

Question: Of the 6 Activities of Daily Living – Eating, Bathing, Dressing, Grooming, Mouth Care and Toileting, which activity is the most complex task for persons suffering from Dementia to complete? Answer:  Mouth Care In most cases, persons with Dementia will: say “I already brushed my teeth” be unable to complete the task themselves refuse […]

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