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Health Care Costs and Advanced Planning

Healthcare costs was not part of my Retirement Plan! Quality time with Family, travel and socializing with friends was the plan. Now I require assistance. What are my choices? Will I run out of money? How many Canadians follow this route?…..the answer is numerous! Careable Healthcare Professionals have been helping Families, Power of Attorneys and…

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Unseen Risks in Complex Progressive Diseases — Parkinson Disease

Responding only to current symptoms in progressive diseases ignores potentially serious and avoidable health risks, a good example is Parkinson Disease. Parkinson Disease is a chronic, progressive neurological disorder that affects the nervous system, particularly the parts of the brain responsible for controlling movement. While motor symptoms like tremors, stiffness, and slow movements are the…

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Choosing Staff to Care for your Loved Ones

Choosing Staff to Care for your Loved Ones! Quality in a product or service is not want the supplier puts in. It is what the customer gets out and is willing to pay for. – Peter Drucker   Supplying qualified staff, on its own, is not enough. That’s why we follow a two step process….

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Health & Financial Wellness

Most elderly worry about running out of money, even those who have more than sufficient assets or with children who will support them. For two decades Careable has been helping families address these concerns while ensuring the best wellness and quality of life. Getting the right outcome is not easy. It requires a careful analysis…

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Staying Home, Staying Safe, and Well – Best outcome recommendations!

Surveys show that nearly all Canadians want to age at home. While it is possible, for most it is a complicated mix of personalized risk and resource management. For instance, a former client who was a recluse with no family, poor nutrition, physical status and quality of life, when Careable was retained through the Financial…

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Elder Care Challenges with COVID-19

Care choices in normal times are hard. Covid-19 has made them significantly more challenging. Who Are We & How Can We Help? Careable is your independent objective source of information and advice. We are not an agency motivated to supply staff. We not affiliated in any way with retirement homes or other facilities nor do…

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