Cancer and Chemotherapy Support

The diagnosis of cancer strikes fear and panic into the hearts and lives of both client and family to the point where they are often unable to absorb all they are told in medical appointments

Repeatedly we have been asked to either accompany family members to medical visits and take notes or ask questions to assist with interpreting information.

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Client Testimonials

“Thank you for the work you’ve done for my family as manager of my parents’ care during the past three years. Now that the big move from their home to Peterborough has been accomplished, I can take a few moments to write you and reflect on our work together.

I appreciate the dedication that you brought to the job and the positive way you related to Mom and Dad. When I first interviewed you for the job, I was struck with your commitment to your clients and to their welfare, and I have always felt your strength of purpose in this regard. During the many crises we had to deal with, I was grateful for your presence and experience in dealing with these situations and working with other professionals.

So, again, I thank you, Carol, and send you my best wishes for further success in this important field in which you’re working.”