Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What value does Care Management service deliver?

Every case is different and should be tailored to the individual. We offer an initial no cost consultation with one of our nurses where we listen and assess the individual’s needs. We have over two decades of experience.

Q: If we go forward what are the next steps?

Based on the preliminary evaluation of needs we provide a comprehensive written nursing assessment focusing on ongoing management of those needs. This may involve one of our partners such as a Geriatrician, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapists, Dietician or Social Worker.

Q: What about staff?

We have developed a long-term relationship with an agency where staff are carefully screened to match the client’s specific needs. We require the staff to understand not only the medical requirements but also to exhibit a positive, respectful, culturally sensitive attitude to the client.

Q: How do you ensure a client receives optimum care?

Our focus is on preventative care: avoiding situations where emergency care is required. We advocate for the clients in healthcare settings ensuring that all reasonable care is delivered. We monitor staff to ensure early detection of potential adverse outcomes. We are on call 24/7/365.

Q: What does this cost?

Again, every situation is different. We will set out the options matched to the available financial resources. This will include comparison of care at home, a retirement residence, or a long-term care facility.

Call Carol at 416-362-9176, there is no obligation, and she will be happy to provide some initial thoughts on the care of your loved one.

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Client Testimonials

I would hire Carol to provide care for myself, without hesitation. She is a godsend for me. I don’t have any problem recommending her to anyone.

She is honest, friendly, caring, effective, very reliable and forceful when needed.  She understands elderly and geriatric care. She is available 24/7 when needed, she takes personal responsibility for a client and I rely on her 100%.

She took over care of my uncle in Toronto about 4-5 years ago, and from then on a nightmare scenario with his health problems, quarrelling nurses and family members, turned into bliss.  She took responsibility to hire staff and to deal with them, she was with my uncle in emergencies and made sure that his doctors did what was needed, when it was needed.  She chose a nursing home for him and arranged transfer. She is dealing with all day-to-day issues, including supervising private staff, interfacing with the nursing home, buying all his supplies (such as a specialized bed and wheelchair) and even his clothing. She is my eyes and ears in Toronto, making sure everything is going as it should. On top of that, she is also dealing with family members, eliminating any quarrels and disagreements.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but it is true.