Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between Careable and a nursing agency?

In challenging times, the best outcomes are achieved as a result of planning, coordination and care management that are a result of experience and thoughtfulness. The Careable team brings a talented, multi-disciplinary approach that goes well beyond the delivery of nursing, personal support system and other organizations in the home. We consider family dynamics, personal circumstances, a multiplicity of medical conditions, collaborative coordination of public and private services, and consider not only immediate care needs but also changing circumstances and future needs. Our approach is practical and lead by a single care manager for consistency, confidentiality and continuity of care.

Q: Why hire us?

As Geriatric Care Managers, we are experienced Registered Nurses who can assess each individual and together, we can identify concerns and make recommendations regarding a course of action and cost the associated services required.

Here are some more reasons to hire us! We:
1. Navigate the healthcare system
2. Help elderly family members stay in their home even if complex care is required
3. Select and maintain personalized dedicated staff for each client
4. Manage complex and challenging medical conditions in the home or wherever home is
5. Assist in a healthcare crisis both in hospital and after discharge back in the home
6. Identify and document the associated costs of care of the family member
7. Identify and provide any or all additional services required
8. Function as a healthcare advocate for the elder person when in crisis at hospitals, having the expertise and knowledge to discuss health issue and outcomes with physicians and all healthcare personnel

Q: What is geriatric care management?

Geriatric Care Management (GCM) is the preventative and mitigatory approach to health care for older adults. A Geriatric Care Manager is a professional who creates and implements a practical plan to assist elders and their families with all aspects of daily care.

The GCM team is trained and experienced in any of several fields related to care management, including nursing, gerontology, social work, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nutrition, speech language therapy or psychology, with a specialized focus on issues related to aging and elder care needs.

Q: Who are our clients?

Typically, clients of a GCM are the adult children and families of older adults who, as a result of business, distance and other commitments are not able to manage the care of their loved ones. These children and relatives/friends nevertheless wish to fully understand the needs of their loved ones, receive guidance related to decision making and ensure appropriate delivery of essential care.
For these reasons, they retain an independent, professional GCM to stand in for them and actively intervene, monitor and report on the elderly relative.

Because a GCM is knowledgeable and skilled in all aspects and challenges of eldercare and various options for long term care, other professionals are increasingly relying on our knowledge to assist their clients as well.  Accountants, geriatricians, lawyers, physicians and Trust Officers all have many elderly clients and the GCM is able to assist them in understanding the psychosocial and physiological issues for their aging client.

Q: How much does the initial assessment cost?

Our initial work is done to understand your family’s personal needs and develop a plan. All work is done on an agreed contract basis with published hourly rates, which are tax deductable as medical costs.

Q: Are services available 24/7?

Our team provides preventative supportive care based on a client’s needs in order to avert a crisis/hospital visit whenever possible. By anticipating changing medical conditions and with appropriate and timely interventions, we are able to reduce stress and improve quality of life. However, given the challenging circumstances that many of our clients find themselves in, we can respond on a 24/7 basis.

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Client Testimonials

I was caring for my parents in their Rosedale home and as the care became increasingly complex, I was aware that the burden of care, added to my business responsibilities was affecting my own health. As my parents care needs were becoming increasing onerous , the unskilled caregivers were a challenge to organize, the food preparation was less than satisfactory, who could do the shopping and attend the numerous medical appointments with my father and mother etc etc

Around this time, while visiting a geriatrician with my father, I was introduced to Carol Edwards who while caring for her own parents seemed to appreciate the difficulties that I was experiencing. I decided to hire Carol, who was a nurse, and guide her through what I knew my parents needed and wanted. We worked together with staff training and reporting , Carol interviewed, hired and engaged staff from an agency with whom she partnered, we managed the food preparation and trained the staff to prepare food that my parents liked.

Carol, under my tutelage, attended physician appointments with my father. At first my parents resented Carol’s intrusion, but eventually warmed and actually came to trust her and appreciate her involvement in their care. I was now able to take vacation, and Carol remained close to my parents while I was away, rather like a substitute daughter. Carol reported directly to me on an as need basis and monthly.

The challenges increased and we involved other skilled assistance to both identify my mother’s care needs and my father’s equipment needs.

As emergencies occurred in the home Carol was both available and attentive. The emotional burden was now overwhelming and it was a benefit to have Carol to delegate tasks while other family members required support . Since I had my own family and responsibilities and other family members increasingly required support and everyone looked to me for guidance, since I was the physician in the family. With Carol’s assistance I had time to be with my parents as their health deteriorated.

Following my parents passing, I remained in contact with Carol, and have found many occasion to refer other “lost souls’ for her guidance and support. Her advocacy role has assisted many friends to navigate our complex and limited health care system.