• Who We Are

    Who We Are

    Careable provides care management, advice and practical recommendations for families and individuals during challenging times in hospital and at home. Our clients are typically extremely discriminating...

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  • Carol’s Story

    Carol's Story

    For ten years I was responsible for my parents’ care upon their immigration from UK. My mother was diagnosed with a progressive brain disorder and my father with emphysema, then Pick’s, a branch of Alzheimer’s disease. At first, it was easy. I settled them in a senior apartment complex with ...

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  • Families


    Today’s families are diverse, multicultural and often live in different locations. One in four families in Canada is now faced with the challenge of caregiving for an aging parent while many others are faced with assisting a loved one during rehabilitation, long-term-care or recovery from illness...

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  • Cancer & Surgery

    Cancer & Surgery

    Treatment, rehabilitation and recovery can be intense and stressful on both the client and his or her family members. Oftentimes, family members are working, raising families or living out of town. The Careable team assists with care planning, navigating the system, discussing options and facilitating timely recovery...

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  • Alzheimer’s Care at Home

    Alzheimer's Care at Home

    At Careable we specialize in care of the client and family involved in dementia care. Through personal experience we truly understand the progression, complexities and risks of this disease as well as the families’ limitations and abilities to cope with the disease process and their emotions, relationships and complications.

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Company Vision

• To assist our elderly clients enjoy the best “quality of life”, given their altered circumstances.
• To establish and maintain “peace of mind” for their adult children and create family harmony.
• To work cohesively with one another, clients and all parties involved with our clients wellbeing.

Our Mission

To enhance the quality of life for our elderly clients under altered circumstances, while providing peace of mind and guidance to the adult children.