Navigating the Healthcare System

At Careable we are experienced at anticipating and negotiating the best and desired healthcare outcomes for our clients.

The complexity of the Healthcare system and the length of time it takes to achieve any progress could disrupt family caregivers daily jobs.

These two factors are good reason alone for families to hire an expert Care Manager Lifecare Professional to either direct them or even to assist with the process.

Alzheimer disease is a complex condition that will affect more than the memory. Challenging behavior’s, unanticipated physiological changes require careful observation and monitoring in order to prevent frequent hospitalizations. As I well know following my father’s care and precipitous decline.

In the event of a hospitalization, our experienced Lifecare Professionals (care managers) are able to communicate and manage care with both physicians, staff, and especially during the process of discharge back into the community.

We can also arrange intelligent Private Care perfectly matched to our clients either at home or in a facility.

We are also skilled at assisting with the selection of a facility should this be required.

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Client Testimonials

“Navigating the complex workings of Long Term Care placement was a challenge greater than we as a family could manage. Just when we thought we had it figured out and done everything right, the “system” would put yet another road block in our way. We needed someone who understood how the bureaucracy functioned – thankfully we found Careable Inc. and Carol Edwards. Carols insight into the workings of the CCAC organization along with her patient, persistent follow-up got us the face to face meeting we needed. It was amazing how quickly the “system” moved when it realized that across the table sat a very knowledgeable navigator guiding a very determined family. They finally heard and understood that it was us who knew best what mom needed.

In Carol Edwards we found the strong advocate that mom needed and the partner our family needed to champion our struggle.

Thanks Carol, all of us appreciate your efforts.”