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Staying Home, Staying Safe, and Well – Best outcome recommendations!

Surveys show that nearly all Canadians want to age at home. While it is possible, for most it is a complicated mix of personalized risk and resource management.

For instance, a former client who was a recluse with no family, poor nutrition, physical status and quality of life, when Careable was retained through the Financial Planner, Trust Officer and Lawyer and after much resistance , was relocated, but only after sorting and filing all her records and home contents, including her health records with a permanent GP and organizing a dedicated team of staff to take care of her cleanliness, food, shopping and home.

She improved dramatically, and lived an enriched life with improved mental, physical and nutritional status surviving to 98 years old, passing naturally and peacefully at her home.          

For the last 23 years Careable Care Management has been supporting Families and their loved ones care in the Home. We have always believed that this is the best and safest option for the elderly. We know that good planning and preparation can avoid a crisis.

Our objective is Preventive Care for our Clients and avoiding trips to the ER, especially in the presence of Covid.

Our first step to successful Aging in Place is a preliminary evaluation by an experienced Nurse, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist and a Geriatric Assessment. 

Our experience has shown that planning early for health issues, living situations, documentation of ongoing health issues and the establishing of a Power of Attorney for both Health and Finance and taking into account all assets.

Gaining the confidence of the elderly person is critical to success of the Plan. 

We choose superior staff to suit our elderly clients and manage all issues including predicting any challenges the elderly may develop over time and by receiving reports directly from the staff.

Many of our Clients could be described as Complex, with behavioral issues or movement disorders such as Alzheimer Disease or Parkinson’s Disease.

Please call for more information! We offer a flat fee preliminary evaluation and can assist with the execution of the plan as required.

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Carol Edwards

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