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Choosing Staff to Care for your Loved Ones

Choosing Staff to Care for your Loved Ones!

Quality in a product or service is not want the supplier puts in.
It is what the customer gets out and is willing to pay for.
– Peter Drucker


Supplying qualified staff, on its own, is not enough. That’s why we follow a two step process.

First, we must understand the clients needs. Existing medication records and hospital discharge summary, who has Power of Attorney for Care and Finance and so on. But how complex is the care? Does the client require assistance with dressing and personal care? What about food preparation, food allergies, likes and dislikes? Are there cultural biases that must be considered? Is there risks of falls? The risk of medication errors that the unqualified PSW staff require to be blister packed and the use of a Medication sign off record? Does the dementia add a further layer of complexity? Is the client resistive to interventions or have behavioral issues? Is there equipment assessment required from our Occupational Therapist. There is no one size fits all, and often we care for a married couples with differing types of complex care.

Step two is interviewing potential staff. What skills and experience do they possess such as coping with different behaviors or dementia? Are they comfortable in a home situation without the structure of an institution such as Hospital or Nursing Home? Are they able to align with the clients intellectual and cultural expectations? A formerly high functioning person with dementia will react adversely to being treated as an intellectual inferior.

As a Care Management Practice, comprised of all Healthcare Professions, we are able to address all these issues. Additionally, we are fortunate to partner with an Agency who allows us to interview and critically assess suitable staff to match them with our clients.

It does not end there. Depending on the clients requirements, and in complex situations our experienced Nursing Professionals oversee, manage, and direct the front line staff 24×7. Daily reporting tells us if our care plan is followed. Are there any significant changes in health or wellbeing? In turn we share these reports with the clients Power of Attorney for Care and possibly Finance.

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