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Most elderly worry about running out of money, even those who have more than sufficient assets or with children who will support them.

For two decades Careable has been helping families address these concerns while ensuring the best wellness and quality of life. Getting the right outcome is not easy. It requires a careful analysis of health progression, available financial resources, care options and crucially the preference of the elderly person.

Consider the choice of care options.

Retirement Homes may seem at first sight the ideal option. They are usually well appointed, provide a range of social, recreational programs and services including dining options. Some are almost indistinguishable from a luxury hotel. For the frail elderly with limited medical demands, they can meet their needs. The monthly costs can be substantial particularly when optional services are added. Even if the costs are manageable there is a downside. Retirement homes rarely are organized to deal with a resident with increased medical needs. When these needs become significant the resident will be asked to leave. Moving an elderly person struggling with medical issues can be traumatic for them and family members. It can precipitate a decline in health at just the wrong time.

Long Term Care facilities are not luxury hotels but for those with complex health issues such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and similar diseases they have nursing staff who can address their complex needs. A person with Alzheimer’s for example requires help with memory loss but also has specific alimentary and neurological needs. Long Term Care facilities are moderately priced. Most facilities permit residents to bring some of their furniture and possessions to make their accommodation as home like as possible. Supplementary private staffing enhances the experience considerably.

Staying home: most elderly prefer to stay in their homes. Careable knows the myriad questions that need to be asked. Is the current home suitable and can it be modified cost effectively? Are stairs a challenge or will a stair lift be needed? Can bathing be made safe? Is lighting adequate? Is it in an area accessible by private nursing staff? Are medical facilities nearby? A pharmacy? Is the furniture suitable? Are there trip hazards? What staff are required, part time of full time? What other medical staff will be needed occasionally such as physiotherapists or foot care?

Careable can help you navigate the options and come up with a plan that will address financial issues, optimal health, and quality of life outcomes. We can also help you execute the plan.

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