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Carol received her State Nurse registration in England and has a wide range of experience in hospitals, including managing operating rooms at St. George’s Hospital in London and at the Royal Sussex Hospital in Brighton.

After immigrating to Canada and re-qualifying as a Registered Nurse, Carol worked and managed operating rooms at the Orthopedic & Arthritic Hospital and at Mt. Sinai Hospital, eventually taking on challenges in departmental management. She managed planning, implementation and cost savings in service departments in Canada and the United States. During this time she took courses towards a business degree at York University.

Later, she worked in medical sales and marketing, specializing in equipment for long-term-care facilities, hospitals and retirement homes in Canada and the United States. She managed the contracts for major group and head office accounts across Ontario. This provided her with first-hand knowledge of the operation and management of these facilities and gave her insight into the care needs of elderly and incapacitated patients.

At about this time both her parents immigrated to Canada and suffered significant physical and cognitive impairments requiring complex care that she spearheaded. This resulted in her interest in providing others with the hard won knowledge and experience she gained at this difficult time.

Carol is a member of ALCA (Aging Life Care Professional).

For more information, go to www.caremanager.org or to the Alzheimer Association at www.alzheimer.ca. Read a feature article on Carol Edwards in The Orthopedic and Arthritic Hospital News from 1985.


Nancy is an occupational therapist, a role that gives her the opportunity to share her knowledge and resources to help improve the quality of life of the many individuals and families she work with. 
She understands the importance of small steps towards positive change and meaningful outcomes.  Nancy believes that the combination of her experience and knowledge, together with caring and compassion, is what brings out the best in her clients while helping them reach their goals.
She is also a registered authorizer for the Assistive Devices Program for mobility and ambulation aids with over 11 years of experience working in the community and home care sector. She graduated summa cum laude from McMaster University in Psychology and the University of Toronto for Occupational Therapy.


Renee Climans has over 30 years experience as a clinician and her approach is strengths based and wellness oriented and combines collaborative, brief, solution focused , narrative, cognitive behavioural and mindfulness based ideas.  She has worked at Baycrest since 1990 where she has been involved in care, research and education.  She has presented or co-presented at various professional conferences locally, nationally and internationally on topics related to gerontology and health care, and has published several peer reviewed articles in professional journals.  Renee has guest lectured at higher learning institutions including Ryerson and University of Toronto.  She has been involved in a variety of support group initiatives, both face to face and online, in the areas of caregiver support, bereavement and teenage obesity and has mentored other therapists in this area.  She has shared her expertise through the media and she has been interviewed for The Globe and Mail, The Canadian Jewish News, CBC Radio News and Global TV News.  She is a member of the Ontario Association of Social Workers and the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers.  In addition to her work at Baycrest, she has a private therapy practice specializing in the areas of individual, couple and family counselling.  She consults to a variety of health care clinics and has provided and designed wellness training workshops for corporate clients.


Nicole is registered dietitian who has a passion for working with older adults to make positive changes to their diet. During her career at Baycrest she worked extensively with clients who are living with a range of neurological conditions and has developed specific expertise in the area of eating challenges and swallowing disorders. Nicole is now on the team at the Jeff and Diane Ross Movement Disorders Clinic and the ALS clinic and has an active private practise.  Nicole graduated with a Master’s of Science in Nutrition and a Certificate in Gerontology from Case Western Reserve University in 1996.  She has been a member in good standing of the College of Dietitians of Ontario for 18 years.


Shannon provides general administrative, IT and database support.


Rosalee Berlin graduated from Toronto General Hospital School of Nursing and worked for a year in emergency before going to the University of Western Ontario to get her Diploma in Nursing Education. She returned to the Toronto General School of Nursing to teach student nurses and then taught in the Hospital’s Staff Development Department.

In 1974, Rosalee became the founder and first President of the Non-Smokers’ Rights Association (NSRA) and she continued to be actively involved over many years in its major achievements.

When Rosalee returned to Nursing after raising her family, she attended Seneca College to upgrade her nursing skills primarily in the field of Geriatrics and eventually completed her Baccalaureate Degree in Health Sciences Administration from Hawthorne University in Salt
Lake City, Utah. Over the years, Rosalee taught RN and RPN students at George Brown College and for six years she was Director of Nursing in a small chronic care hospital in Toronto. Her last full-time position was at Baycrest Centre where she worked for 12 years as the Nursing Supervisor in The Samuel Lunenfeld Day Program for clients with cognitive impairments.

After Baycrest, Rosalee worked parttime for 13 years in her husband’s Family Practice as Office Manager and Geriatric Nursing Consultant. During those years, she continued teaching geriatric and dementia courses and workshops in community colleges and long-term Care facilities (LTC) as well as prepared and administered neuro-cognitive assessments for many family physicians in their Toronto practices.

Rosalee believes her extensive knowledge, skills and experience in Nursing, as well as her commitment to achieving the highest levels of compassionate care, will assist her in achieving Careable’s client-centered goals and as well as attaining and maintaining optimum care for all Careable’s clients.


Susan graduated from the University of Toronto where she obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree. She also holds a degree in Sociology from Brandeis University. Susan has worked in various downtown hospitals in the area of Labour and Delivery, and in the community focusing on chemotherapy administration, palliative care, and geriatrics. She brings with her a passion for delivering high quality, patient- focused care and working towards maximizing patients’ quality of life. She understands the importance of patient advocacy and works well with clients with complex management challenges and families in crisis.


Carolyn is a Registered Physiotherapist with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario and a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. She graduated with honours from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physiotherapy. Carolyn has over 25 years of experience in a variety of clinical and private settings. She specializes in seniors’ wellness working with active independent seniors, those requiring assisted living and those experiencing cognitive and dementia-related changes. She is passionate about delivering high quality individualized assessment and treatment in clients’ homes to maximize strength, mobility and function. Her goals are to promote safe independence, enable engagement in activities of daily living and improve quality of life.

Carolyn has extensive experience treating a variety of orthopaedic and neurological conditions and provides rehabilitation for joint replacement surgery and post hospitalization deconditioning. She is also involved in staff and client education and has given in- services on falls prevention, environment safety, transfers, biomechanics and safe ambulation.

Carolyn is currently working in her own private practice and has consulted and contracted for Geriatric Management Companies as well as rehabilitation service providers.

Caroline Thompson photo


Caroline Thomson is a registered physiotherapist with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario. Caroline qualified as a physiotherapist (BSc Hons), in the UK in 1996 and has worked in a number of hospitals in and around London, before moving to Canada with her family in 2011. She has worked in a number of specialities, (neuro, medical and surgical) and has spent a large portion of her working life specializing in stroke and neurological patients, both in the acute and rehab setting. Since moving to Canada Caroline has worked in community care, providing physiotherapy assessments and rehabilitation programs within the client’s home for a variety of musculoskeletal, neurological and respiratory conditions. She enjoys bringing her physiotherapy expertise to clients, where they can work on their goals within the comfort of their own home to maximize their function and independence.


Zonia graduated from Humber College and worked in the Accounting Department of Canadian Pacific Railway for a number of years.
Pursued her passion for nursing at Centennial College and graduated with a Registered Nursing Diploma in 2002 and later obtained her Bachelor’s of Nursing degree from the University of Calgary in 2010.

Worked at Long Term Facilities in the region with a focus on geriatrics and later moved to the hospital setting and worked on the Medical Surgical unit for a number of years.

Transferred to the Nursing Resource Team (NRT) and worked in various departments such as Nephrology, Cardiology, Mental Health, Orthopedics, and Medicine with the Scarborough Health Network (SHN).

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Client Testimonials

My family first contacted Carol Edwards last November, when our 84-year-old mother fell ill and was admitted to the Toronto General Hospital with complication from what seemed to be a severe cold that she caught from my brother. Carol was recommended to us by one of my sister’s friends, whose family had used her services and were impressed with her skills and expertise.

We asked Carol to oversee our mother’s care in the hospital, as it seemed that the doctors there could not find any specific cause for her precipitous decline, and were preparing us for the “worst.” It should be mentioned that my mother suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. This severely impaired her ability to speak for herself at the hospital, to communicate to the hospital staff how she was feeling, and which also impeded her recovery in that to a large extent she resists treatment, there and at home, that might help her.

From the moment Carol got involved, she had extra external caregivers come in on a 24-hour basis to ensure that my mother received the best possible care and attention. Carol personally stood up for my Mother’s rights to proper care from the hospital nursing staff and doctors, yet not in a confrontational manner.

A few days into her stay, my mother was finally diagnosed with viral meningitis, which thankfully resolved itself within the next 10 days. This left my mother in an extremely weakened state, even after the infection was resolved. However, the hospital’s doctors still required Carol’s coaxing to see that my mother was brought back to sufficient strength to be able to leave the hospital in a reasonably self-sufficient state of health.  It was only due to Carol’s coaxing that a speech and language technician was brought in to ensure my mother could swallow even minced food properly, as she was having difficulty in her recovery period doing that, and so was unable to eat solid foods until the end of her stay. Carol had a dietitian assigned to the case, who was instructed to count calories and ensure that my mother received sufficient nutrition on a daily basis.  She also had a geriatrician brought in to assess my mother’s mental status and who did adjust her medications to give her the best chance of coming out of the hospital in good enough condition to return to her own home rather than a nursing home. (It should be noted that when we first requested that a geriatrician be called in the ward doctors resisted it, saying that they deal with elderly patients all the time, and don’t need any special assistance. However, Carol persisted, and the ward doctors eventually gave in.)

When my mother returned to her home after being in the hospital for three weeks, Carol set up 24/7 caregiving for her at home, and carried out personal visits on an almost-daily basis to ensure that my mother was receiving proper care from the caregivers. At the beginning, she also ordered, on a rental or purchase basis as required, special equipment for Mom’s home to assist her in the bathroom, etc.  As well, Carol is constantly “fine-tuning” her staff to my mother’s current requirements, teaching the caregivers how to get the maximum cooperation from my mother, and replacing those caregivers who are not the right “fit.”

Unfortunately, my mother tripped and fell in her home 5 weeks ago and broke her right arm just below the shoulder joint. That kind of break could be put in a cast, and her recovery so far is only partial as she refuses to wear her sling, or do the doctor’s recommended exercises to try to prevent her shoulder from “freezing” during the 6-to-12-week recovery period.

Carol, and her partner Anne, have been tireless and meticulous in their efforts to ensure that my mother is properly cared for. Carol attends all visits to my mother’s various doctors with us, so that she hears first hand what the current situation is and what the doctors recommend.  Being an RN, she can also better communicate to the doctors what is going on with my mother medically as opposed to what we, her children, can tell them. Also, she is in constant contact with the caregivers, and they act as Carol’s eyes and ears when she is not there, so she gets a 24-hour perspective of how my mother is doing, how she is eating, her mood swings, her sleep patterns, her bowel and urinary functions, etc.  She makes sure my mother’s blood pressure is checked regularly, and that the requisitioned blood tests are done on their scheduled basis, in my mother’s home.

Long story short, Carol was instrumental in the basic recovery of my mother from an illness that we thought was going to take her from us, and even though it turned out to be identifiable and self-curing, it so weakened my mother that I truly feel that without Carol’s help in the hospital there is no way my mother could have returned to her own home. Up until the time she broke her arm, my mother was thriving under Carol’s care at home, and recovered to the point where she was in better physical health than I had seen in the past two years.  In regards to her mental health, unfortunately, the Alzheimer’s keeps progressing.  Nonetheless, Carol and her team are much more effective than we were, as her family, in seeing that she takes her medications, etc.
The only thing of concern to us is that this level of care is expensive, running generally well over $20,000 per month for the 24/7 caregivers and Carol’s fees. However, we do want to keep our mother in her own home for as long as possible, as that is absolutely what she wants, and what the doctors recommend. Carol is working with us to control the expense factor, and is sympathetic with our concerns in that regard.
Carol also works with her partner, Anne, who is a delightful, compassionate person, and who is certainly able to step in when Carol is unavailable (which is a rare circumstance).

As a further note, Carol is used to the “family dynamics” that naturally happen in these situations amongst the patient’s family, and seems quite diplomatic in the handling of the various viewpoints and emotional responses of the family members involved.
If we could go back in time with the knowledge that we have today, we would absolutely hire Carol again.