Healthcare Advocacy

An Independent Advocate in the Healthcare System

Managing one’s own or a family member’s health issues is a considerable challenge for even the most educated and experienced person.

That’s why we offer an Independent Healthcare Advocate. As an experienced nurse, I find that its necessary, but challenging, to assist the Hospital staff and Physicians to focus on the individual clients needs, wishes and outcomes.

Careable has been helping clients and families for nearly two decades by being an extra pair of eyes and ears in medical offices and hospitals.

We ask the tough questions that need to be explored. For instance, have all options been explored? What are the potential side effects of a proposed treatment? Crucial follow up questions are often overlooked, especially in the hospital environment.

We can help our clients plan for the longer term, and have “control” of their Quality of Life issues.

We invite you to call us for a no obligation initial consult!

Our clients appreciate this skill, and consider it a value added benefit of our involvement.

Call Carol for more information on healthcare advocacy – 416-362-9176

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Client Testimonials

“I live with my elderly mother and severely disabled husband.  I was determined to keep both of these dear people with their families. The task of caregiving was sometimes overwhelming. In conversation with Carol, she recognized my needs.  She knew instinctively that I needed help to meet the commitment I had made to the two of them and myself. She had an understanding of what I was trying to do. There was compassion and assurance that some steps could be taken to help me out. She immediately went to work contacting an established list of service providers.  She kept me updated regularly. I no longer felt alone. She is an advocate; someone who knows the complicated medical system. She is a friend. I am so grateful to Carol for all her support.”