Pet Therapy

Patients benefit both mentally and physically from the presents of a pet. Time spent with a therapy dog enjoying the soft, soothing touch of their fur provides a much needed connection, companionship and unconditional love. Tilt’s sweet, kind and gentle demeanour provides that comfort and brings smiles to everyone’s face shining light and hope during a difficult time.




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Client Testimonials

“I live with my elderly mother and severely disabled husband.  I was determined to keep both of these dear people with their families. The task of caregiving was sometimes overwhelming. In conversation with Carol, she recognized my needs.  She knew instinctively that I needed help to meet the commitment I had made to the two of them and myself. She had an understanding of what I was trying to do. There was compassion and assurance that some steps could be taken to help me out. She immediately went to work contacting an established list of service providers.  She kept me updated regularly. I no longer felt alone. She is an advocate; someone who knows the complicated medical system. She is a friend. I am so grateful to Carol for all her support.”